Home Wind Generators, efficient and affordable technology

Home Wind GeneratorsHome wind generators are small turbines, which are designed to be installed in the limited space at home. In spite of this, they provide enough power to meet the energy needs. When talking about wind generators, you may be thinking about the large noisy wind generators in wind farms, which are set up for generating electricity on a large scale. However, a home wind turbine does not need to be so large.

Home wind generators are designed to be small in size for fitting into the small space of a house. They have smaller blades. They also have generators of smaller capacity, which is just enough to supply your home. They may or may not have a battery for storing electricity. These days, actually the ones without a battery are the most common. These small generators can be quite conveniently fitted on the roof of any property.

Small wind turbines are readily available in the market. Many companies manufacture such windmills. There are some well established brand names as well. These ready-made wind turbines kits are very easy to install and use, because they are especially designed for common people. They will not be troublesome for you, as they requite very low maintenance. You just have to ensure that you do regular oiling so that they work smoothly.

Most governments promote and encourage the use of home wind turbines. Therefore, they provide aid or incentives to those who install them in their house. The basic price for such home wind generators having capacity between 2 kW to 6 kW can vary from $15,000 to $30,000. These kits consist of all the important parts like gear, blades, generator, turbines, mast, inverters, etc. There are several factors, which affect the cost. Some of them are the quality of the parts they contain, their capacities and the location of your house as the installation cost can be significant if you don’t do it yourself.

Home wind generators have several uses. Some of them are discussed below

  • Residential wind turbines can sometimes generate more energy than what is generally required by a house. Therefore, you can even live without a connection from an electrical company. These generators keep on supplying energy to the house in which they are installed. As they produce more energy than your needs, you can also sell this extra energy to your local electric company. In this way, you are able to not only save money but also make some for yourself.
  • Home wind generators are an environmental friendly source of energy. Moreover, wind energy is an inexhaustible source of energy. Therefore, by using such generators, we can solve environmental problems as well as energy crisis.
  • wind power generators can be installed in almost any site irrespective of the area and region. Thus, they can serve places where electrical connections are not available.

Wind is a great source of energy which is available everywhere. For deriving energy from this source and converting it into electricity home wind generators are being used all over the world. More info

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